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5 Tips to Save Energy this Winter

Save Energy to Save Money.

Let’s face it, inflation is affecting the cost of food, clothes, materials, etc. The leading factors of cost of production are COVID-19. Labor shortages and rising costs of products led to delays and disruptions. Saving money is always in our minds, especially in our homes. Here are five ways you could save energy this winter to reduce your electricity bill. 

Tip #1: Wash full loads of clothes

It can be daunting to wait for a full load of clothes to pile up before washing them. Moreover, smaller loads of laundry are inefficient and creates more work for you. However, waiting to wash a full load of clothes helps reduce your electricity bill. 

Pro Tip: Before you place your clothes in the dryer, clean the lint filter to take out any lint that may make your dryer less effective.

Tip#2: Switch out your lightbulbs

Switching out your lightbulbs into LED lights can help reduce your energy bill. In addition, LEDs help you decrease your home’s carbon footprint. This is the amount of carbon dioxide your home consumes that can affect your and your family’s health.

Tip#3: Take proper measures of your insulation

Taking proper care of your insulation regularly can help reduce your electricity bill and higher costs in the future. The insulation in your home creates a protective “wall” to maintain the temperature inside your home. Moreover, poor insulation could lead to a higher electricity bill. See the benefits of insulation here to learn more.

Tip#4: Unplug any unused chargers

Sometimes it is easier said than done but unplugging your chargers when you’re not using them will help you reduce your electricity bill. In addition, this will also reduce your energy usage. Begin by getting in the habit of unplugging your chargers at night or throughout the day when you’re not using them.

Tip#5: Replace your furnace filter

Why replace your furnace filter regularly? Replacing your furnace filter regularly can help your home disperse cleaner air. Homeowners who do not replace their furnace filters end up with complications such as poor quality of air, polluted ducts, and more. Therefore, changing the filter regularly will help you avoid higher costs in the future. 

Keep these tips in mind when you’re thinking about improving your home. Start by getting into the habit of these to reduce your electricity bill and save money today.

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