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Is your home as energy efficient as it could be?

Insulation and ventilation within the attic are critical for maintaining comfort in your home. The rising cost of energy has made insulation more important than ever before, so an assessment by our experienced in-house energy consultant will help you identify any issues that could be related to heat or cold flow into other areas throughout your household.

Insulation keeps heated air inside where it belongs; while outdoor conditions may cause excess chilliness at night (or during cool days), improper seals allow conditioned airflow out through vulnerable parts such as windows, doors, or the attic.

Spray foam can be used in any area that needs insulation, from the basement rims and crawl spaces all the way up to general remodel projects. There are two different types: open cell (which provides more coverage) or closed-cell material with less depth and higher R value but has 100% seal of air leaks.

Studies show 70% of heat loss is through the attic, 20% through crawl spaces/basement and 10% though walls) You could be spending hundreds of dollars more on energy than you need to. Don't wait until your next utility bill to find out - get a free insulation assessment today.

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