Insulation interaction with pipes, hoods and fans -

Attic spaces & Insulation

Freezing Pipes?

There can be any number of reasons why a pipe would freeze within a home. Sometimes plumbing is placed outside in cantilevers, in other instances it could be in a garage ceiling. Even in the middle of the house it is possible for pipes to freeze. We use thermal imaging cameras to track down any cold air movement during cooler and cold months. Our expert will help you solve this problem!

Bath Fans, Range Hoods, and Other Items on Drywall to Attic Spaces

Most homes have bath fans on the ceiling, or a high wall, that are backed up to an attic.  Improper connections, duct type, and even placement of the current ducting can cause issues within a home.  Range hoods are under the same guise of what is right and wrong with them as well.  We can correctly place them outside with a variety of options. 

Another item, which is not so common, are can lights that are not designed for contact with insulation.  These become little heat chimneys – the more you have on the ceiling to the attic the more heat loss is occurring.  Most people are unaware of these until a thorough inspection is completed.  Regular can lights as well as LED can be covered with insulation.  Halogen or heat lamps are another type of fixtures that cannot be covered with insulation.  If you are remodeling your home always use IC type can lights OR flat LED fixtures. Flat LED fixtures should only be used in vaulted ceilings so that R values can be maximized at the roof line.

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