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Coastline Specialty Shape

  • Impact resistant windows available in widths and heights up to 12 feet and a max of 72 square feet
  • Circle, half circle, oval, arch, triangle, trapezoid, hexagon, octagon, and many more shapes available
  • Direct glazed for narrow sightlines
  • Square glazing bead standard, ogee beads are available
  • Eleven colors and wood grain finishes to choose from
  • Impact glass provides more noise reduction than standard glass
  • Energy saving Low-E glass coatings, tinting, and insulated glass options
  • Meets the most stringent hurricane impact code requirements in North America
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    Marvin Coastline Specialty Shape windows are available in large sizes and hundreds of geometric shapes and provide the design freedom to create unique and stunning architectural statements. The glass on the Coastline Specialty Shape windows is glazed directly into the frame, eliminating the need for a sash, which results in narrow sightlines, more light, and unobstructed views. The Specialty Shape windows deliver unsurpassed protection from flying debris generated by hurricanes and tropical storms.