Freestanding Asado Cooker | My Remodel

Freestanding Asado Cooker


C1CHCS-FS Exclusive Features

    • Standard Coyote Signature Smoking Grate™ for perfect heat diffusion
    • Heat-resistant ceramic construction
    • 254 square inches of cooking area
    • Adjustable venting for precision temperature management
    • Smoke, sear, grill option
    • Cart and shelves included

Product Options & Accessories

    • Custom made cover available (ASADO-CVR)
    • Accessories bundle – includes all available accessories for the Asado smoker (ASADO-ACC)
    • Heat deflector, for even heat distribution across the grids (ASADO-HD)
    • Chicken throne, marinading tool for chicken or turkey (ASADO-CT)
    • Grate gripper, lifts pizza stone or cooking grids when too hot to lift (ASADO-GG)
    • Pizza stone, for evenly cooking pizzas, flatbreads, and other culinary delights (ASADO-PS)
    • 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal – 20lb bag (CLMP)
    • Universal 304 Stainless Steel Cart Available (Model: C2UNCT)
    • Coyote Asado Accessories