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The 4700 Series

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The economical window with the design options that make it seem like luxury.

Cove molded sash detail replicates the look of classic wood windows.

Biomaxx composite locks and keepers are 50% stronger than standard die-cast hardware while remaining lead-free and color-true, without fading, warping or chipping. Choose from classic or modern lock.

Dual Function partitioned sloped sill with integrated weep system forms a negative pressure pocket that keeps sashes securely in place and water flowing away from your home, even during the most adverse weather conditions.

Shadow grooved sash welds replicate the classic look of mitered wood corners.

IdeaSeal™ triple protection weather seal keeps the indoor and outdoor environments separate with an integral interlock, sill compression seal, and multiple rows of weatherstripping.

Full balance covers hide internal systems while eliminating unsightly visible sash stops.

Additional Features
BetterVue® insect screening with Water Shed Technology™ preserves optical clarity by shedding water and resisting dirt and grime for a sharp, more brilliant outward view with 20% better air flow.
Four-point fusion welding guarantees the frames and sashes are always strong and square.
Low-profile tilt latches sit subtly out of view but easily engage when sashes need to be tilted in for cleaning.
Multi-chambered vinyl construction provides a maintenance-free lifestyle with superior strength and thermal efficiency.
Multi-chambered vinyl construction provides a maintenance-free lifestyle with superior strength and thermal efficiency.
Dual push-button forced entry resistant ASTM night locks limit sash movement for your family’s safety and security.
Integral lift and pull rails are ergonomically engineered for smooth operation while remaining aesthetically appealing.
Lifetime warranty includes accidental glass breakage.
Dual and triple pane glass options for maximum efficiency in any climate
13 Decorative Exterior Paint Color Finishes
Sentry System integrated tilt-lock streamlines appearance and simplified operation
Tempered, Obscure and STC rated glass options
Neopor® rigid thermal frame insulation
Interior and exterior SDL grid packages
4-9/16″ or 6-9/16″ white prime extension jamb
1-5/8″ wide integral nail fin with 1″ setback for new construction application
Foam frame wrap is available for increased insulation
WOCD field applied “angel locks”