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Trends Patio Door

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Reliable and economical patio door that opens up your home and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Direct set fixed panel improves door structure and is easy to install.

Tandem self-leveling steel rollers are end adjustable to allow fine-tuning of door operation.

Field reversible two-panel doors allow for flexibility in determining operating direction.

Impact resistant threshold withstands heavy traffic.

Multiple rows of mylar fin synthetic weatherstripping prevent air infiltration.

Integral nail fin is 1-1/4″ long with 1-3/8″setback and can be easily removed at the factory or in the field.

IntelliGlass Low-E glass with argon gas fill heightens energy efficiency.
Keyed lock enables the door to be locked and unlocked from the exterior.
Heavy Duty screen doors stand up to the high traffic of busy families.
Two position toe lock permits door to be locked in an open airflow position or adds extra secure locking station.