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Warrantying Our Work

Quality Work with Premium Materials

Warrantying Our Work

My Remodel is dedicated to providing the highest quality of work, using premium materials and safeguarding our customer’s trust. Warranties are an important part of building trust, not because we expect problems, but because we stand with you when problems arise.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our roofing materials carry a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This is an additional benefit of working with premium grade materials. Other, cheaper materials offer a “Leak Only” warranty, which may not cover homeowners in the event of any other damage or issue.

We work with GAF, Certainteed and Owens Corning roofing materials, and take the extra step of using a synthetic underlay, rather than the traditional felt, to enhance durability and water resistance. Our choices in windows, doors and other materials meet those same exacting standards as well. We select the highest quality and highest value materials to ensure your satisfaction, and we do so without inflating your budget.

Extended Warranty

My Remodel also offers the option of purchasing an additional extended warranty. This is done to provide you with added peace of mind and confidence in the work we’ve performed. My Remodel provides unmatched quality and attention to detail. Our extended warranty is in place to help customers who are trying to plan for the unforeseeable. If you have questions on our warranties, or any other service we provide, please call us at (630) 357-6600 or contact us here

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